Design Features

The plant containers were designed initially to resolve all the drawbacks associated with traditional hanging baskets but it became apparent that the concept was equally applicable for wall baskets and tiered patio planters.

All three products are produced by Dr Foster’s PPC and all are based on the same traditional hemispherical basket design.  Here the similarity with tradition ends.

The standard basket is 350mm(14inches) wide and 180mm(7 inches) deep and holds about 10 litres of compost.  It is split horizontally into three sections each 60 mm high.  The bottom section is saucer shaped and the middle and top sections are annular rings. All three sections clip together to form the complete basket.

The material of manufacture is high quality UV protected polypropylene which is both flexible and highly durable and will not discolour or go brittle. It will last for many years.

Fitting the basket together is achieved by means of barbed prongs located around the upper perimeter of the lower and middle sections which fit through aligned slots around the bottom of the middle and upper sections.  Once inserted and pushed firmly together the barbs lock onto recessed shoulders inside the slots and the sections are locked together.

The container has:

A flat bottom which provides a stable base, allowing planting to take place on a table, bench or any flat surface, inside or out.

A built in reservoir of 25mm in its base below a series of drainage holes.  This allows the retention of sufficient moisture to sustain and promote strong healthy plant growth without rotting off the roots.   It also means that the baskets require considerably less watering than traditional baskets.

A central tubular support provides the location point for the various fixtures that make up the different product options.  This design feature allows the planted baskets to be turned through 360 degrees to achieve optimum sunlight for all plants.

Five plant apertures around the perimeter of both the base and middle sections. These apertures are sufficiently large to accommodate quite substantial plant stems without damage to roots or foliage which in turn means that plants will grow on quickly and be healthy.  It is this feature that makes planting in the round so easy and produces the spectacular ball effect.

The assembled basket has solid sides that stop compost being dried out by the wind, a feature which, when combined with the reservoir, ensures better, bigger and longer lasting plants.  Plus you will never need to buy any liners ever again a real money saver.

Dismantling the basket is another unique design feature.  Simply use thumbs and fingers in opposition to release prongs two at a time and work around the container until the sections come apart.  The significance of this facility is truly ground breaking since it allows plants to be retrieved intact at the end of the growing season.  This in turn means that for the first time expensive plants such as perennials and small shrubs can be used for side planting greatly expanding the range, design, variety and multi season capability of these containers

THE HANGING BASKET is mounted on an elegant telescopic post.  No more tangles with chains and plants snapped off in the wind.  Simply feed the centre post through the mounting tube in the base section before planting, push up the inner tube and fit the ‘S’ hook through its hole.  Once planted the basket can be hung in position and rotated as required.


Dr Foster’s specially designed wall bracket has a central mounting spike which fits into the mounting tube in the base of the container.  Simply fit the bracket in the desired position on a wall or post and when the container has been planted up carry it to the bracket and mount on the spike.   Wall baskets are particularly good for windy locations since they do not get blown around like other baskets.  They give much better results than half round baskets. Dr Foster’s containers have a full basket of compost to support strong root growth, whereas half round baskets do not have enough compost and as a result plant growth is poor.

THE TWO TIER PLANTER Dr Foster’s own design container stand has features that make it very easy to use.  Fit the support legs to the base column using the four nuts and bolts provided.  When planting the first basket use the temporary tube provided to keep a clean hole through the compost.  Fit the first basket onto the base stand centre post and take out the temporary tube to use on the second basket.   Screw the top post into position. Follow the same procedure  for the second basket and then screw on the carrying handle.

All three products are supplied boxed with their own accessories and complete assembly and planting instructions.