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Best Hanging Baskets has made the easiest container for multi level side planting – Three clip together sections with side apertures allow plants to be placed in  layers one at a time as you build up the container so that you finish with a complete ball of vegetation. Even novices can achieve fantastic displays while damage free roots and stems mean faster growing healthier plants.  Single containers  will grow up to 18 plants. The three stages are:-

Uses less water and 66% less time watering – The built in reservoir and solid sides retain water and minimise wind evaporation so that plants  grow bigger and last longer.

No liners or moss needed ever again.

Containers can be rotated  – to ensure even sunlight and easy watering and dead heading. ( except wall baskets)

Use bigger plants than any other side planting container –  You can use plants in up to 6 inch/150mm pots for side planting.

Use a bigger variety of plants – Because containers can be easily taken apart perennials and small shrubs can be used to make all kind of new and unusual displays. These plants can be recovered at the end of the display season and re used just as normal garden plants.

Instant displays for all seasons – Because you can use large mature plants of many varieties containers can be instantly displayed without the need to wait for small plants to mature.  In turn this allows the containers to be used for Autumn, Winter and Spring displays as well as the more usual Summer baskets.  This means 4 times more use from your basket.  Different seasonal displays are shown in the seasonal pages within the ‘PLANT CONTAINERS’ page.

Fantastic for fruit, vegetables and herbs – The containers are highly productive in a very small space, happily growing 18 plants.  Great results are achieved with strawberries, herbs, lettuces and other salad leaves, tomatoes and dwarf beans.




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